How To Patch Small Paint Chips

Auto body repair is something that intimidates many people. Obviously, working on expensive car surfaces, with their shiny finishes and delicate paint jobs, can be a little scary. However, the tools used for most small paint chip repairs are very simple, and you can find them any home improvement or auto parts store. If your car does have some small blemishes, whether they be scratches or paint chips, you want to fix them as soon as possible.

Three Ways To Make Your RV Sell Faster

If you are looking to sell your RV, then it is a good idea to make sure it’s in great shape. There are plenty of people who are in the market for a used RV, but it can be a competitive market. The better your RV looks compared to similar models, the faster it will sell. You don’t want to just take a crude photo with your phone and then slap it up online and wait for the buyers to roll in.

How Is Money Handled With Not-At-Fault Accident Repairs?

You might be anxious about how the financial transactions will work out when your car is damaged in an accident that’s not your fault. While it varies based on the circumstances of the accident, here are some general guidelines for what will happen next. It Matters If You Have Collision Insurance First of all, there will be a big difference in the next steps, based on whether you have collision insurance or not.

Keep More Money In Your Wallet By Protecting Your Auto Glass

Looking to keep more money in your wallet? More than likely, your answer is a resounding yes. You can start working towards this goal by focusing on your auto glass, more specifically, minimizing damage. Make sure you know some of the ways you can keep your car windows in better condition and avoid costly repairs. Use Approved Cleaners Only use cleaners that have been approved for use on auto glass. Cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals can cause etching, hardening or roughening, on the glass.

Using Paint To Improve Your Company Cars

Many people know that having access to a reliable vehicle is important, but modern cars embody more than a mere form of transportation. Business owners are relying on their company vehicles to transport employees and products, and they are also turning to these vehicles when they need a creative way to advertise their goods or services. Here are three simple ways that a fresh coat of paint can improve the quality of your company cars in the future.

Choosing Your Commercial Fleet's Color

If you’re starting a new company that needs a fleet of vehicles, you know those need to have identical colors and designs. Yet you don’t have to conform to other fleets and use only certain colors – there’s no one vehicle paint color that determines if the vehicle is part of a commercial fleet. Yet choosing a color can be more difficult than you’d think. Ask yourself where your company stands on the following and then see what colors in those ranges you might prefer.

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vinyl Convertible Top

If you have a vinyl convertible top, here are three tips for taking care of it and keeping it clean and in good shape. #1 The Right Type Of Soap When you clean the body of your car, you can also clean the vinyl convertible top of your car. You should use bodywork shampoo when you clean your vinyl convertible top as well as the rest of your sports car. You don’t want to use shampoos on your vinyl convertible top that are designed to improve the gloss of your vehicle; these types of soaps do not work on your vinyl top, although you can use them on the body of your vehicle if you wish.

Rain: You'll Pay for That Free Car Wash with Your Car's Paint

If you’ve ever looked at your car right after a heavy rainstorm, you know how shiny and clean the car can look if the rain lasted long enough to wash away all the dirt. It seems like the best way to get a car wash because you’re not using extra water. But rain actually isn’t that great for your car. While it can make the car look good for a short time, over the long run the paint on the car can become dull and damaged because of the combination of air pollution and rainfall.

How To Know If Your Car Motor Needs To Be Repaired

A motor no longer working at all is surely a sign of a problem, but it is not the only one. There are many signs to watch for when it comes to figuring out if your motor is in need of some repairs. Take a moment to review the following clues of engine trouble so you will not be as likely to find yourself stranded on the side of the road.