4 Benefits To Wrapping Your Car With Vinyl

Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl is one way to change the appearance of your car or truck and can actually offer you benefits that you might not have considered. The process is not overly complicated and most shops that offer vehicle wraps can get the job done relatively quickly. 

1. Non-Destructive Color Changes

For some people, the appearance of their car can be a statement of their personality, and adding something that stands out or has some wild graphics on it can be fun. If you're concerned that painting the car is going to make a permanent change to the exterior, having a wrap made for your vehicle is one way to achieve the look without damaging the OEM paint on the vehicle.

When put on correctly, vinyl wraps will not damage the paint underneath. The wrap will seal out dirt and other materials that could chip or damage the paint, so when the time comes to remove the wrap, the paint under it will still be in the same condition as it was when the wrap was put on the car.

2. Cost of Vinyl Wraps

When you consider the price of a vinyl wrap with the cost to paint your car, the wrap is considerably cheaper. Depending on the wrap and the design you choose, you could get your wrap for about half what it would cost to paint the car. 

Because the wraps are made on a computer, laying out graphics on the base color takes far less time than masking and painting, so you also have the option of multiple colors or two-tone designs at a much lower cost. 

The wrap shop can add a lot of things to the car that you might have trouble adding, and because they are all part of the wrap, you don't have to worry about being able to remove a sticker or a graphic if you want to change the look later. 

3. Resale Value

If you decide to sell your vehicle after the wrap is on it, you can remove the wrap and go back to the original paint. Give the car a wash and wax after removing the wrap, and you may see an increase in the value of the vehicle because it has pristine OEM paint on it. 

4. New Life for Old Paint

Project cars can benefit from wraps as well. In many cases, the old paint on the vehicle needs redoing, but the cost of bodywork and paint may not be in the budget yet. You can have a wrap put on the vehicle to breathe some new life into the vehicle. Cover the entire car or just some sections of it; the choice is yours.