3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vinyl Convertible Top

If you have a vinyl convertible top, here are three tips for taking care of it and keeping it clean and in good shape.

#1 The Right Type Of Soap

When you clean the body of your car, you can also clean the vinyl convertible top of your car. You should use bodywork shampoo when you clean your vinyl convertible top as well as the rest of your sports car. You don't want to use shampoos on your vinyl convertible top that are designed to improve the gloss of your vehicle; these types of soaps do not work on your vinyl top, although you can use them on the body of your vehicle if you wish.

If for some reason your vinyl convertible top is really dirty, you may need to use a more serious cleaning product. In that case, you are going to want to purchase a cleaner that is specifically designed for convertible tops and can work on fabric and vinyl. These types of cleaners are designed to cut through and break down grease and dirt. Many are also designed to ensure that mildew doesn't grow on the top of your vehicle.

#2 Cleaning The Top

To clean the top of your vehicle, first wet it with water. Then, apply soap to the top of your vehicle. Next, use a feathered bristle brush to loosen up the dirt. Do not scrub too hard on your top. Instead, try to loosen everything up using circular motions with your brush. Work from the top of your vinyl top all the way down to the sides of the cover. Then, use a hose to spray off the dirt and the soap.

If the top of your vehicle is really dirty, you may want to clean and scrub the top of your vehicle again.

#3 Protect The Vinyl

Finally, you are going to want to protect your vinyl cover. To protect your vinyl cover, you are going to want to apply a vinyl protectant to the top of your vehicle. You are going to want to apply this after your vinyl top has been able to dry off a little bit and is not soaking wet.

How you apply the vinyl protectant depends upon the particular protectant that you purchase. You may need to spray the protectant onto your cover, or you may need to rub the product into the vinyl.

This is a crucial step. The vinyl protectant product that you on your convertible top, will help repel oil, grease, and dirt from your convertible top. It will also help ensure that over time your vinyl convertible top does not develop any cracks or start to fade. It will also give your vinyl convertible top a very nice, natural look to it. 

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