New Auto Paint? Follow These Care Tips For Preservation

As a general rule, when your vehicle gets into an accident and requires collision repair, it will also need to be repainted. Auto paint is applied by technicians to repaired surfaces or brand-new parts that are installed on vehicles so that they will match the original paint job of your automobile. The auto paint process requires the application of a primer, new paint, as well as a clear coat finish. Finally, the surface will be buffed so it will shine.

4 Benefits To Wrapping Your Car With Vinyl

Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl is one way to change the appearance of your car or truck and can actually offer you benefits that you might not have considered. The process is not overly complicated and most shops that offer vehicle wraps can get the job done relatively quickly.  1. Non-Destructive Color Changes For some people, the appearance of their car can be a statement of their personality, and adding something that stands out or has some wild graphics on it can be fun.