3 Signs You Need To Straighten Your Car's Frame

The frame of your car plays a huge role in supporting all of the systems that make your vehicle move. However, in some cases, such as after a major accident or over time because of a consistent series of small stresses, the frame of your vehicle can become bent out of shape, which can then cause a number of complications with other parts of your vehicle, such as the tires and suspension. Frame straightening is a specific auto body repair technique that can help prevent any such problems from occurring. Understanding the warning signs and complications associated with a crooked frame can help you identify when you should head to an auto body shop to correct the issue.

1. Tire Issues

One of the first issues that will manifest itself if your car's frame is bent out of shape is irregular wear to your tires. If one side of your car is bent out of shape, it will cause the treads of your tires to wear down unevenly and at a much faster rate than normal. Sometimes, all of your tires will be affected, but more often than not, a bent frame will disproportionately affect one side of your vehicle more than the other.

2. Pulling and Lack of Control

In a closely related vein to the above point, your car may be in dire need of frame straightening if you experience excessive and constant pulling while driving. A frame that is bent out of shape can cause your vehicle to veer to one side or the other instead of traveling in a straight line, which can increase the risk of you experiencing a collision or accident. Sometimes, pulling can be caused by tire alignment or pressure issues, so be sure to have a mechanic closely inspect your vehicle to determine if your frame or another underlying issue is to blame.

3. Door and Window Issues

Another clear sign that your car's frame is bent out of shape is if you find that opening or closing your doors and windows becomes difficult. In extreme cases, you may find that your windows get stuck before they are able to fully open or close, and your doors may get hot or grind against their frames, requiring significant force and stripping paint off of your vehicle to fully close. In a similar vein, you may also find that your hood or trunk will suffer as well, and either become very difficult to close or possibly even popping open unexpectedly. Having an auto body specialist straighten your frame can help alleviate these problems.

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