Collision Repair Shop: 4 Tips To Help You Pick The Right One

If you are involved in a collision, it isn't easy to think clearly. You're most likely overwhelmed with the thoughts on how to repair your only reliable means of transportation. This can be stressful, especially if you're a new car owner. However, choosing an auto collision repair shop doesn't need to be complicated. This guide explores valuable considerations to help you settle on the right shop near you.

1. Finishing touches are vital to getting quality work

Suppose your car experiences minor dents and several scratches after a collision. In that case, the repair shop you consider should demonstrate that their restoration work will return your damaged vehicle to its original condition. On your first meeting, request to see videos or photos of their previous auto collision bodywork. Additionally, ask about the details of their restoration work, including the use of high-quality paints and access to quality OEM parts.  

2. Do they have expertise in repairing your car model?

Different auto collision repair centers specialize in repairing specific car models. Some are specialized with foreign or high-end cars while others might not. Therefore, before you can consider a repair shop, be sure that they have expertise in handling your car repair needs. This is primarily the case if you own an electric or hybrid car. During your interaction with the auto collision repair professionals, ask them how frequently they repair your vehicle model. If they seem skeptical from your conversation, proceed with your search.

3. Evaluate their warranty policy

Most trusted auto body repair specialists stand by their quality work, and this is evident in their favorable warranty policy on jobs like paint and engine repair work. The collision repair shop to consider should offer at least one or two years warranty on their post-collision repair work. Be wary of repair centers that claim to provide a "lifetime guarantee" for their repair work as they are unrealistic.

4. Inquire about the price range of repairs 

Before you take the next step to visit an auto repair center, have an estimate of the cost of repairs in your state. You can do this by contacting different collision repair centers, then shortlist those that offer a fair price. Remember that the prices offered by auto repair specialists vary depending on the level of service you receive. This is why it's crucial to visit three or four repair shops before making your decision.

When selecting an auto collision repair shop, you are looking forward to having professional repairs that will get your car to its pre-accident condition. While this may seem unattainable, the few tips highlighted above should act as a step to find the ideal repair professionals.