Signs Your Windshield Needs Repaired

Did you know that you don't have to automatically replace your windshield if there is a crack of chip in the glass? In some cases you can simply repair the damage and not have to put the time and money into investing in a whole new windshield. Here are signs your windshield can be repaired over being replaced, although it's best to refer to your glass specialist to see which option is best for your needs.

The Damage is Minimal

If the damage to your auto glass isn't that large, then you can simply repair the windshield glass over replacing it. A resin is installed into your car's glass that halts the chip or crack from spreading and protects the barrier of the undisturbed glass around the damaged spot. If the crack or chip is small enough, once the damage has been repaired, you can hardly tell there was a crack or chip in the first place.

Most auto glass technicians use measurement and depth to determine the severity of a damaged windshield. To find out if your windshield needs to be outright replaced or can be repaired, see your auto glass specialist for a recommendation.

The Damage Isn't in Your Line of Vision

When your car gets struck by an object or damaged in other ways, where the crack or chip is located is just as important as how large it is. If you're lucky and the chip is on the outer edges of the glass and not placed where your line of vision is, the odds of having the glass repaired over replaced may be improved.

The reason for that is is: your auto glass specialist wants to make sure you have as much visibility as possible when you're on the road. If your auto glass damage is right in front of your face, no matter how small, then replacement may be best for your needs.

Keep in mind that a crack or chip right on the border of your windshield poses its own problem and may need to be replaced instead of repaired. However, as long as the chip or crack is not in a key location on your glass, you should be able to fill the damaged spots with ease.

Your automobile can be easily fixed if the windshield is the main problem. Your auto glass repair technician should be able to repair your windshield in a short amount of time.