Keep More Money In Your Wallet By Protecting Your Auto Glass

Looking to keep more money in your wallet? More than likely, your answer is a resounding yes. You can start working towards this goal by focusing on your auto glass, more specifically, minimizing damage. Make sure you know some of the ways you can keep your car windows in better condition and avoid costly repairs.

Use Approved Cleaners

Only use cleaners that have been approved for use on auto glass. Cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals can cause etching, hardening or roughening, on the glass. Etching doesn't just make glass look bad, but it is dangerous because it also leaves behind a frost like coating over the glass.

If this coating is within your field of view, it may be obstructed. An obstructed view increases your accident risk and can even cause you to fail an inspection. The only way to repair the problem is to replace the glass.

Take Your Time And Leave Space

Take your time when driving so that you can leave ample space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. When you travel too closely behind another vehicle, should an object come flying off their vehicle, it can easily hit your glass and cause a chip or even cause it to shatter. Even worse, the object could come through the glass and injure a passenger.

This is true even if it's a small rock. The more distance between your vehicles, the less likely the risk. Particularly when you're driving at high speeds, leave a little earlier so that you won't feel the need to travel behind so closely.

Monitor Temperature Changes

Ensure you're monitoring temperature changes throughout the year. During the colder months of the year, turning the heat on too high, too quickly can cause shock to the glass. During the summer, if the inside of the vehicle gets too hot, this can also cause cracking. In either instance, replacing the glass would be a likely scenario you'd be facing.

To minimize your risk for this issue, slowly heat the inside of your vehicle up during the winter. During the summer, if your vehicle will be stationary for an extended period, leave at least one of your windows slightly cracked and if possible, avoid parking directly in the sunlight.

The more effort you make to protect your auto glass, the better it will look, the longer it will remain damage free and most importantly, the less money you will have to spend on repair costs. Make sure you're doing your part.